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Tonnage exported by RBCT (mton) 2010 63.4 2011 65.5 2012 68.3 2013. 70.2 2014 71.3 2015 75.4 2016 72.6 2017 76.5 2018 ...

Coal Prep

Any coal Miner and washplant operators should have this manual. You think you know coal until you have read this book.


‪Why Gold compared to other commodities?‬ ‪🔸Delivered better long term risk adjusted returns ‬ ‪🔸More effective diversifier ‬...


African nations with the largest proven coal reserves (mn ton):‬ ‪South Africa 🇿🇦 34 723‬ ‪Mozambique 🇲🇿1 975‬ ‪Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 553‬...

Ash Fusion Temperature.

Abstract Coal ash fusion characterization and the ash fusion temperatures (AFTs) are important parameters for coal industry. Previous...


In theminingindustry orextractive metallurgy,beneficiationis any process that improves (benefits) the economic value of the Rom by...

Coal Power

A coal-fired power station is a type offossil fuel power station. The coal is usuallypulverizedand then burned in apulverized coal-fired...

Power Stations

China had 1,040 GW of installed coal-fired power capacity at the end of 2019 and 5,268 coal mines nationwide. ‬ ‪Source: SxCoal‬

ROM Coal

ROM or Run of Mine. A good Rom is the foundation for your final product. Mining Properly helps to make sure you never have huge discarded...


South Africa exported 60% of world supply of chrome ore in 2019. South African exports of chrome ore and ferrochrome fell by over 70%YoY...


In the first half of April many South African mines, with the exception of coal mines supplying Eskom, were shut down or placed under...


The volitiles in coal is very important for the ignition. Volitiles between 22-24 is a good parameter.

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